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Time Management Control

Just realised how much time has passed since my last post…this was not intentional. I have been sidetracked by other events in my life, like the countries election, back pain, increased work hours, and other financial issues related to a new financial tax year.

I realise that this is not good, but equally so I still walk with God each day of my life, just not been getting around to document it. All I can say is I will do better.

One area of my life that I am always improving is the time management aspect of it, and gettting my affairs in order from neglect over the years. Good management control, financially, and mental gives way to a good organised life.

Ask God to assist with yours and show you how to turn the tv off, radio off, any distractions and spend 20-30 mins with your Lord…a soap series that is forever.


I have been adding some new links on the right hand side from my life experiences so far. There are still more to come and although I have added them into categories for now, I can probably tidy this up in the future, consolidating the categories.

For now I will leave as is even if some links show up in upto five different categories.