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New Beginnings

Just when I thought I had got my life in order to do something with this website and its now 16 months since my last posting – wow – oh – wow.

I have been doing a lot of prayer and seeking some guidance in my life, carrying me through what has been a difficult year, but a rewarding one too in that a prayer was answered.

The return of my son, Charlie in my life again after 15 years, of not seeing him.

The month of October 2011 became a special one when his message hit my inbox on facebook. The first meeting in November was even more special and a very much valued time. It also went easier than expected afterall he is my son.

As for this website – I am still seeking guidance on how to use it and slowly getting some feedback from the God as to what to do, so stay posted all will be revealed.

The walk with God is a patient one!!

6 months

Wow oh wow is it really six months since I last posted on this website.

Needless to say my last post was to do with time management, well I have been doing that but in offline aspects of my life.

I have also embarked upon reading the Bible in full as a challenge. I have always dipped here and there but never as a continuous project. So I have two reading plans in action on my account.

Its now the 3rd of December and I do not know where this year has gone to except to say that my faith in the past few months has been tested, and some revelations revealed to me at a local Grapevine Christian event.

Maybe I will share these in due course. As Christmas approaches may we reflect on the true purpose of the celebration and share  in the joy of our Lord Jesus Christ.

Looking around this site I believe I need to spend sometime upon it organising it better so beware of changes afoot but the design will stay.