My name is Gary Watson, and I am in my mid forties of age.

Ever since I was  a very young child, my life has had some influence upon it from God. Some of these have been welcomed and some have not at the time.

This website is in celebration of not just being in my forties but having just past my 21st anniversary of my New-Life Baptism on April 16th 1989.

For many years I have been asking myself what I should do, not just to strengthen my faith by others contributing to it, but sharing the experiences that I have shared with God, Jesus Christ as my Saviour and the Power of The Holy Spirit.

As I said earlier some of my journey has not been easy, my lifestyle has and is still in question by some. However my relationship with God has always been there, from the early days of Sunday School, to Youth Camps around my Baptism, to “being lost and carried” whilst I sought God’s direction for my life.

For me entering a Church environment has always given me inner peace and uplift, I always feel like I am “going home”. It is an unique feeling and one that I can never justify via words alone.

Only this week I have come across via a conversation on Facebook. I received a reply from the pastor of the online community and it has spurred me on in asking God what do I do now?

“Share and enhance your experience”  was the reply, therefore Watson Online Faith has been created with God’s blessing.

I seek his guidance in developing it further to share, receive and help others in His Name.