Site Name Change

“It is time for a site name change”

It is Christmas Day and I sit here alone reflecting upon what this day is really about.and I do not mean the commercial aspect of it.

It also brought to my attention this blog that I have been seriously neglecting.
I would like to point out though I have not been neglecting my faith along the way, just busy with life and work and struggling health matters that has left me little time to focus upon this site.

I have always felt that this blog needed a better name but could never muster up anything suitable.
So on this day I did some keyword research and with some ideas in my head sought what I could find.
After a few several ideas and checking if the domains were available I have finally decided on

Tell me about God –

My reasons being it ticked the boxes on the following:-

  • The terms “Tell Me About God” is searched high in the search engines
  • It was available at the time as a domain
  • It reflects my location in the UK (Com version already taken)
  • “Tell” reflects the action of the site to “Tell” to others.
  • “Me” reflects the personal side, the person seeking.
  • “About” speaks it is a site about, of information, knowledge, research,
  • “God” – about living life with God as central to all aspects to it.


New Beginnings

Just when I thought I had got my life in order to do something with this website and its now 16 months since my last posting – wow – oh – wow.

I have been doing a lot of prayer and seeking some guidance in my life, carrying me through what has been a difficult year, but a rewarding one too in that a prayer was answered.

The return of my son, Charlie in my life again after 15 years, of not seeing him.

The month of October 2011 became a special one when his message hit my inbox on facebook. The first meeting in November was even more special and a very much valued time. It also went easier than expected afterall he is my son.

As for this website – I am still seeking guidance on how to use it and slowly getting some feedback from the God as to what to do, so stay posted all will be revealed.

The walk with God is a patient one!!

6 months

Wow oh wow is it really six months since I last posted on this website.

Needless to say my last post was to do with time management, well I have been doing that but in offline aspects of my life.

I have also embarked upon reading the Bible in full as a challenge. I have always dipped here and there but never as a continuous project. So I have two reading plans in action on my account.

Its now the 3rd of December and I do not know where this year has gone to except to say that my faith in the past few months has been tested, and some revelations revealed to me at a local Grapevine Christian event.

Maybe I will share these in due course. As Christmas approaches may we reflect on the true purpose of the celebration and share  in the joy of our Lord Jesus Christ.

Looking around this site I believe I need to spend sometime upon it organising it better so beware of changes afoot but the design will stay.

Time Management Control

Just realised how much time has passed since my last post…this was not intentional. I have been sidetracked by other events in my life, like the countries election, back pain, increased work hours, and other financial issues related to a new financial tax year.

I realise that this is not good, but equally so I still walk with God each day of my life, just not been getting around to document it. All I can say is I will do better.

One area of my life that I am always improving is the time management aspect of it, and gettting my affairs in order from neglect over the years. Good management control, financially, and mental gives way to a good organised life.

Ask God to assist with yours and show you how to turn the tv off, radio off, any distractions and spend 20-30 mins with your Lord…a soap series that is forever.

My Father

Today is my father’s 73rd birthday had he still been with us. Sadly he passed over some 21 years ago this coming week.

You may not be here in body, but I know that you are in spirit. I also believe from what I was told after your death that you are waiting with the Lord, until the day we meet again.

So dad, Happy 73rd birthday up there in heaven, may you enjoy your day until the days that I can share it for real.

Always in my thoughts….

Love your son – Gary xx


I have been adding some new links on the right hand side from my life experiences so far. There are still more to come and although I have added them into categories for now, I can probably tidy this up in the future, consolidating the categories.

For now I will leave as is even if some links show up in upto five different categories.

Letton Hall, Shipdham, Norfolk

I have just added this link Letton Hall, Shipdham, Norfolk to my website as it was a very important influence to my initial year with God. You will be able to read how it effected my spiritual journey under the page headings of “When God called me”

Please check them out and sign up for their newsletter but furthermore if you can support them in any way then please do, be it volunteering, financially or both on Kart Camps, or other Bible Study Retreats and events.


Today I have been busy looking at themes that I can use for this website.

I have been looking for something that reflects the nature and purpose of this site and also is practical and basic in its navigation.

I know in my heart what I wish to share upon this site so it has to fit but I dare say several themes will be tried before I find the one I am happy with. Looking at my downloads I may even mix a few themes up and create my own unique one.

Today is Sunday and the actual calendar date that I would have been baptised upon some 21 years ago, so God’s presence feels extremely strong to me today. I can sense the Holy Spirit re-kindling a strong feeling of commitment now within me and to focus upon this website regularly will only enhance that desire.


Welcome to this blog of my walk with God. I will share the past and ask for contributions to my future walk with God.

I have created this on the 21st Anniversary of my Baptism into New Life on 16th April way back in 1989.

I have felt that my experiences should be shared and that my weakness should be enhanced by the support of like minded people. So that is the aim if this blog.